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What is Duress Disarming?

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Last updated: 26 Jan, 2009
Duress disarming - If you are ever coerced into disarming your system, you can comply with the intruders wishes while sending a silent duress alarm to the Central Station or Follow Me numbers. To do so, you must use a special duress code, which when used, will disarm the system in the regular manner, while simultaneously transmitting the duress alarm.

To use a duress code, add 1 to the last digit of your user code, as shown in the table below:

User Code  (Duress Code)
1-2-3-4  (1-2-3-5)
5-6-7-8  (5-6-7-9)
6-7-8-9  (6-7-8-0)

Under no circumstances must the duress code be used haphazardly or without
reason. Central Stations, along with Police Departments, treat duress codes
very seriously and take immediate action

Article ID: 55
Last updated: 26 Jan, 2009
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