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Information About Arming and Disarming

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Last updated: 13 Dec, 2013


Arming your system causes the intrusion detectors to trigger an alarm when violated.

Your WisDom offers the following kinds of arming:

+ Away arming - Away arming prepares all of the systems intrusion detectors to activate an alarm if violated, and is used when leaving the premises.

+ Stay (Home) arming - Stay arming activates only perimeter detectors (as defined by Zone Type), enabling individuals to remain inside and move about the premises while the system is partially armed.

+ Partition arming - See pages 24-25 in the user manual for information on partition arming


+ System disarming - Disarming the system deactivates the partitions assigned to the specified user code.

+ Partition disarming - See page 27 in the user manual for information on partition disarming

+ Duress disarming - If you are ever coerced into disarming your system, you can comply with the intruders wishes while sending a silent duress alarm to the Central Station or Follow Me numbers. To do so, you must use a special duress code, which when used, will disarm the system in the regular manner, while simultaneously transmitting the duress alarm.

To use a duress code, add 1 to the last digit of your user code, as shown in the table below:

User Code  (Duress Code)
1-2-3-4  (1-2-3-5)
5-6-7-8  (5-6-7-9)
6-7-8-9  (6-7-8-0)

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances must the duress code be used haphazardly or without
reason. Central Stations, along with Police Departments, treat duress codes
very seriously and take immediate action

Silencing an Alarm

When silencing an alarm the system goes into disarm state.

To silence an alarm:  Enter your user code and press Unlock.  The WisDom will tell you to "Check Displayā€¯.  The ARM LED will flash and the display will show the alarmed zones for the alarm memory period of about 60 seconds. Scroll through the list of alarm zones.  Press * to clear when you are done. 



Article ID: 53
Last updated: 13 Dec, 2013
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