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What is the availability of the WisDom GSM cellular (AGM) module?

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Last updated: 13 Dec, 2013

The manufacturer of the WisDom system has developed a very advanced GSM cellular add-on module for the WisDom.  It is now available!  Click here to order: Rokonet WisDom Advanced GSM/GPRS Cellular Module

The Advanced GSM/GPRS Modules (AGM) will be able to send text messages of alarm events and will have a sophisticated "pre-alarm notification" feature which means that even if your WisDom control panel gets destroyed, this cellular module will still be dialing out even without the WisDom's functionality.  It is also a great way to protect yourself against phone line sabotage. 

This unit accepts SIM cards from AT&T and T-Mobile.

This unit can also be monitored by Alarm Relay if you wish to have a UL listed central monitoring station monitor your equipment. (Requires cellular broadband plan and additional monitoring fees).

Article ID: 49
Last updated: 13 Dec, 2013
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Posted: 09 Mar, 2007 by Admin A.
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