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Which thermostat should I buy for my Sensaphone?

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Last updated: 12 Dec, 2013

Any Sensaphone with an output relay (400, 800, 1400,1800,  etc.) can interface with a remote setback thermostat.

 You would select which thermostat to buy based on what type of heating and AC system you have. There is detailed compatability information on each thermostat product page to assist you in selecting the right one for your system.

Once you have selected a thermostat, check the thermostat's product page to see if it requires an XFR-0024 connection kit to be wired in between the Sensaphone and the thermostat (some thermostats require it, others do not).

Article ID: 38
Last updated: 12 Dec, 2013
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Posted: 08 Mar, 2007 by Admin A.
Updated: 12 Dec, 2013 by Admin A.
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