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How do I control temperature by phone?

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Last updated: 05 Aug, 2014

First of all, choose a controlling device:

1) The Sensaphone 400 is a robust monitoring device that provides thermostat control along with temperature monitoring, power failure monitoring, and more (with added accessories) such as flood, smoke, intrusion, etc.

2) The CT240 Phone Controller is a simplistic device that simply controls a thermostat.

3) The Venstar Comfort Call Phone Controlled Thermostat Kit allows you to call in an check the temperature as well as controls your thermostat either by voice or touchtone.

4) The FA-D2 Deluxe Freeze Alarm allows you to simply toggle between two temperature set points using a setback thermostat. You can also call in for current status and receive temperature alerts, power failure alarms, and with added accesories you can monitor for flood and motion.

Next, choose a thermostat setup:

A) You would replace your existing thermostat with a setback thermostat that has an override feature that you activate by phone via the controlling device. For example, if you leave your house with the thermostat set at 50 degrees and your override setting (characterized by a little suitcase graphic on the thermostat) is set at 70 degrees, when you call the controlling device and enter a command, the override will kick in and your thermostat is now at 70 degrees. Call again with a different command and the override is deactivated and your thermostat is back at 50 degrees.

B) In a DUAL-thermostat setup, the controlling device (above) is wired to two DIFFERENT standard thermostats, one which you leave set high and one which you leave set low. The controlling device then switches between the two thermostats when you call, activating one and deactivating the other.

C)  An alternative to the above is to use the controlling device to simply "make and break" your furnace's existing connection to your existing thermostat.  This arrangement allows you to virtually "plug in" and "unplug" your existing thermostat.  Note that your furnace may not be able to provide any heat at all to the premises when this arrangement is used and the thermostat is "unplugged".

Most people choose "A" for their thermostat setup.  If you need further assistance, contact us at

An alternative to remotely controlling a thermostat is to use a Sensaphone 400 or a CT240 Phone Controller to make and break the power connection to your furnace. 

No landline?  No problem!  Just add a cellular terminal to get a dial tone via cellular.

Article ID: 37
Last updated: 05 Aug, 2014
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