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What if I have VOIP? Can I still have the WisDom call me or have it monitored?

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Last updated: 26 Jan, 2009

Yes. If you have VOIP, you can have the WisDom call you at up to four phone numbers with no additional equipment.

If you wish to use a monitoring service and do not have a traditional landline, you would need to utilize the WisDom Cellular ModuleAlarm Relay can monitor this unit for slightly more than their standard monitoring service.  The WisDom Cellular Module requires an active SIM card from either AT&T or T-Mobile.  If you are having the WisDom monitored by a central station, you will also need a cellular broadband plan on that SIM card.

Article ID: 33
Last updated: 26 Jan, 2009
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Posted: 08 Mar, 2007 by Admin A.
Updated: 26 Jan, 2009 by Admin A.
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