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What if I have an answering machine? How do I call into the WisDom?

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Last updated: 26 Jan, 2009

If you have an answering machine on the line, you can still call into your WisDom. 

1)  Set "Rings to U/D" (meaning the number of rings before WisDom picks up, found on page 4-57 of Programming Manual) to more rings than your answering machine setting.

2)  Make sure "Answering Machine Override" (page 4-56 of Programming Manual) is set to "Y" (it is by default).

3)  Dial the number. When it rings once, hang up, wait a few seconds, and call again. The Wisdom should pick up on the first ring, there by getting in ahead of the answering machine.

See article below titled "How do I call into my WisDom?" for further instructions from this point.

Article ID: 18
Last updated: 26 Jan, 2009
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Posted: 08 Mar, 2007 by Admin A.
Updated: 26 Jan, 2009 by Admin A.
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