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What sensors can I use on my Elertus smart sensor?

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Last updated: 05 Aug, 2014
  • The Elertus smart sensor comes with one accessory plug, but you can get a Y cable to use a second accessory on this unit.  Your accessory options include a door sensor, a water sensor, and an external temperature sensor. 
  • If you are using the Y cable you can use the door sensor with a second door sensor or a temperature probe, but not a water sensor.
  • You can also use a water sensor with a second water sensor, or with a temperature sensor.
  • You cannot use one door sensor with one water sensor.  If you want to monitor a door as well as monitor for a water leak you will have to get two smart sensors, and get one of the probes for each. 
Article ID: 117
Last updated: 05 Aug, 2014
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